What to Expect

We recognize that our guests are more than just pets.  They are beloved members of your family.  That is why we offer a comprehensive program to look after all elements of their well-being.

Well-being & Fun

  • Each guest is treated as an individual
  • Climate-controlled facilities with heated floor
  • Supervised grass time, multiple times daily for dogs, cats get people interaction several times daily and get supervised play time in the reception area
  • Outdoor activities include ball fetching, rope toys, splash time in the pool, brushing, cuddles, training sessions, bubbles, frisbee
  • Indoor activities include cuddles, brushing, interactive toys, treat balls, training sessions
  • Coming soon – multiple, double fenced play areas

Professional Care

  • Veterinary experienced staff (Registered Veterinary Technicians, Veterinary Assistants) on site each shift
  • Facility Veterinarian available at a moments notice
  • Veterinarian recommended stress management tools
  • Royal Canin Gastro Veterinary Diet offered as needed (used for stress diarrhea)
  • Royal Canin Dental Veterinary Diet offered as treats